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Heather L. Smith-Fernandez, MD

North Naples, Florida

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"It has been an absolute pleasure to be invited to be part of Dr Pati's Peacock Forum. Dr Pati has a unique gift in being able to guide and inform Clinicians towards the best possible outcome(s) in the field of Integrative Medicine. This is coupled with the connectedness of highlighting the transformational journey for the patient and continued high standards of medical practice. Dr Pati and her team's commitment forms a roadmap for the true bridging between the worlds of conventional and holistic healthcare. Thank you ! "

Minha Rajput-Ray MBChB BSc(Hons) Ost Med DO ND DOccMed DDAM Dip BSLM/IBLM FRSPH

”I want to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Pati for providing so much knowledge and such powerful evidence of the incredible regenerative ability of the body and mind through holistic support. I am excited and inspired by the feedback I heard from patients on their life changing and regenerative experiences from following the SaJune model.”Read More

Annelaine Grobler, MBChB

​“I was able to personally witness her approach to patients of both genders and various ages. Each time I was impressed with how at ease the patients were with the treatment recommendations.”Read More

Lucia Mireles-Chavez, MD, FAAP

“It is thanks to courageous efforts by physicians like Dr. Pati that we can now have an institution like the American Board of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Pati is one of those pioneering physicians who was able to innovate with an eye toward the future of medicine without forgetting the solid fundamentals of evidence-based medicine.”Read More

Andrea Vidali, MD

“Not only is Dr. Pati an outstanding educator but also a gifted kind hearted physician. She has impacted the lives of all my patient referrals in a positive way. Her exceptional communication skills have allowed her to coordinate patient care with other consultants, regarding complex medical problems and in the end her patients have benefited as a result.”Read More

Christopher Walker, MD, FACOG, FICS, FPMRS

“Dr. Pati is on the leading edge as an integrative medical practitioner and also as a teaching professor and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and train from someone of this caliber.” Read More

Jefferey Mueller, MD

“Dear Dr.Pati, Your international medical experience and knowledge, combined with your integrative center, certainly makes you a pioneer in this emerging field. I am truly honored to have had the time and opportunity to directly observe your clinical skills and practice. As more physicians from all types of specialties enter this field, your preceptorship will remain a key requirement. I now feel ready to do this work. Your five-point restorative model, interpretation of hormone and nutrient level testing, and manuals have given me the remaining “piece of puzzle”

Steven J. Saltzman, MD, Annapolis, MD

“Dr. Pati’s Workshop DVDs are far superior to any educational DVD’s I have used.'”

Douglas Lord, MD, FACOG, Silver Spring, MD