Sponsor Opportunity

Our mission is to Transform Humanity Through Regenerative Protocols That Work. We are inviting a select list of sponsors that have been chosen based on our belief that YOUR mission is aligned with ours.

This means that your product fits ideally into the regenerative protocols. We aim to have long-term partners and stable, mutually beneficial relationships with those who share this mission. We invite you to consider this opportunity.

As opposed to the prior in-person conferences, we are excited that the virtual approach is affording us a much greater opportunity, as it affords:

  • Long-term repeat exposure in multiple courses to the over 4,000 current participants of all of ICRM’s educational offerings (including the Peacock Forum Case Continuum, CME, webinars, courses, certifications and events).
  • ICRM’s fully customized educational platform, which affords one-on-one interactions between participants, speakers and sponsors.

This is an innovative new concept in sponsorship. Each sponsor will have:

  • Sponsorship of one session in Peacock Forum or symposiums, where you can advertise prior to the talk. We encourage your products will turn on self-healing in the 5-Point Model System. We will leave the presentation and slides open as long as we can receive the slides and some information about what you plan to present before the conference.
  • A personalized landing page that will be specific to the ICRM that will house their video for 3 min.
  • Access to sending sample promotional products and brochures along with product information in a gift box that we will send to each attendee pre-conference and during the 6-month period. We will be integrating these products into their individual programs.
  • Attendee option of opting into your email list.
  • Your logo displayed on ICRM website.
  • The option to be a featured sponsor for specific events for an additional fee.


The Cost Will Be $1,080 Per Sponsor
Per First 6 Months Of ICRM Sponsorship.

This Sponsorship Is Renewable Every 6
Months, Although Fees May Increase.


You Can Click The “Pay Now” Button

To Complete The Payment And Become Sponsor.

Learn More About Sponsorship Opportunities : Info@Icrmlearn.org