Regenerative Health Coach -RHC™

The 5-Point Model System of Regeneration

From 2004, the 5-Point Model System was born at SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine out of the necessity for healthcare options beyond pharmacy and surgery. Sixteen years and 15,000 patients later, we have taken the best of evidence-based options from Eastern and Western methodsincluding Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Energy work and Aromatherapy and organized it into the 5-Point Model System.

This system is organized to optimize five key areas 1) hormones 2) nutrients 3) detoxification 4) heart/mind balance and 5) body balance, each to the >75th percentile as opposed to the traditional “normal” range.

This proven system has been taught to thousands of doctors around the U.S, who have helped thousands of patients reverse disease with >85% effectiveness.It effectively expands the toolbox of evidence-based options in health care for both patients and healthcare providers, by providing Regenerative Protocols That Work!

The central philosophy of this system approximates Nature’s ways as enjoyed by the long-living people of the Blue Zones. Connection to the 1) sun 2) earth and soil 3) structured water 4) active oxygenation and most importantly 5) the vibration of joy affords these people vibrant living above age 100 and the ability to climb mountains, free of dis-ease without doctors. The key principles include:

1.Maximize the connection to Nature’s gifts, as nature heals.

2.Assess and optimize each of the 5 areas in our Modern Setting.

3.Empower people to take the driver’s seat for their own health.

4.Love and Compassion are the only way.

5.Energy flows where attention goes. So, we celebrate every small success, every small step and do not put energy into what has not gone well.

6.Each person has the ability to turn on self- healing and effect a cure.

7.Our belief system manifests our reality.

Every human being is born with this wisdom and power, which should be continually reinforced from childhood.

What is the need for a Regenerative Health Coach?

In over 30 years of practicing medicine, it becomes clear that one major unmet need in our ability to reverse diseaseis related to the coaching and hand holding that patients need to be in the driver’s seat for their own health. This is a major unmet need for both the Health Care Providers (especially MD’s and DO’s) and most importantly the patients.

For example: when a Health Care Provider (HCP) tells a patient that they must“lose 30 pounds” or “reduce their stress”, the patient is left with little guidance. Through our program, we have learned that patients can successfully reverse their conditions and turn on self-healing with the help of a compassionate, loving person who empowers them to make concerted lifestyle modifications in small steps, in an organized fashion towards vibrant health. That person is a Regenerative Health Coach. This is the amazing impact RHCs have:

​* Patient experience with an RHC™

“I truly learnt how to build a healthy lifestyle, rather than a temporary diet to meet my goals”. – A.T

“I signed up for 12 sessions with Brigette and as a result of that I have lost 40 pounds. I am no longer short of breath; I feel great, look great, have more energy and my husband is happy too”! – N.S

“The habit of taking my supplements, drinking water, exercising, eating lots more veggies and trying new alternatives to clean eating have been a blessing.Besides being focused on my weight all the time, I am more focused on a healthy lifestyle and that I believe is very important to living well and being well.”– S.D

“Viviana showed me how to modify my eating habits and at the same time enjoy how to prepare nutritious meals. I was never hungry and it seems to me I was eating more than I should, however the scale proved me wrong. This program showed me that with a little organization I can choose good tasting meals that helped me reach my goal.“ – M.M

How an RHC™ changed my Medical Practice and why I won’t practice without one

Whenever I provide vital input on lifestyle modifications, like “Drink 100 ounces of water with pink salt and lemon.”, “ Eat lunch and dinner between 1 PM and 8 PM, skip breakfast”, or “Practice Heart-Math for 5 minutes in the AM and PM”, I know that I will be repeating this very important instruction over many visits and emails. That came to an end when I trained and added a vital partner, the Regenerative Health Coach. The RHC™ empowers the client/patient to master each area of the 5-point Model System through weekly visits within 90 days. Since then:
my visits are focused on other areas like hormone dosing our patient results are much more rapid
the patients are happier their costs are lower and so are ours.

I will not practice without an RHC™ by my side. Sangeeta Pati MD FACOG, SaJune.

What does an RHC™ do? Certification

A Regenerative Health Coach (RHC) is experienced in helping their clients to master each area of the 5-point Model System, so that they can be in the driver’s seat for their own health. They help the client optimize 5 areas:

​ 1.Mind/Heart Stress Resilience: through exercises to reduce conscious stressors (like Balance Life, Simplified Schedules) and transform subconscious stressors (with Stress Resilience Toolbox and Optimizing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) through Heart-Math).

2. Body Oxygenation: to optimize cellular oxygenation (through special breathing techniques and Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) and reduce pain.

3. Detoxification of the whole body includingthe intestines, liver, gallbladder, lymphatics, kidney and skin. Optimizing pH, water and minerals. Optimizing theelimination of heavy metals, plastics and harmful EMFs and identifying risk of chronic infections.

4. Nutrition including the optimal foods for cell regeneration, specific supplements with the aim of using the least number of supplements and facilitating nutritional status measurement.

5. Hormones including optimizing the function of your hormones through the areas mentioned above and facilitating hormone measurement in those who need it.

What is the 90-day program offered by an RHC™ Certification to their patient/client?​

The 90-day Integrative Holistic Health Program was developed at SaJune over 16 years. This program accelerates results by partnering the patient with an RHCTM, who helps them achieve their top 3 goals through weekly visits over 90 days. This program empowers the patient to optimize their body’s function, so it can do what it is supposed to do; which is to keep you healthy, happy and free of disease by addressing 5 main areas—hormones, nutrition, toxins, mind and body.
This 5-Point Model System and protocols have been taught to thousands of doctors around the U.S., who have successfully helped thousands of patients reverse disease over 16 years. RHCTM integrate this approach into their existing knowledge and skills. For example, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine integrates this knowledge to expand their offerings.   Prior to the visit, the patient fills a Self-assessment Questionnaire and identifies their top 3 goals. During the consult, the RHC will explain each area of the 5-point model and how it relates to the patient’sspecific situation. Often, an initial consult will include a Physical Assessment (measuring baseline weight, body fat, muscle mass, hydration, metabolic ageand heart rate variability). The patient starts with a personalized 90-day Integrative Holistic Health Plan based on optimizing the 5-point Model to achievetheir top 3 goals. The RHCTM meets at least weekly with the patientto follow up and prioritize goals for the next week. The RHCTM also helps to identify challenges that need further interventions and facilitates connections to the appropriate source.

Why should you become an RHC™ Certification?

The method of going after dis-ease has us ranked 34th in the world in terms of the state of our health. We must go after optimal wellness and finally now everyone knows it, because the HealthCare System has failed. Most people are seeking to be well and stay well. No one wants to have to use the scary, broken system that addresses dis-ease. So, there is a huge need for people who want to help people to address theirdeficit in health and well being. Anyone can do this. Everyone should do this. This knowledge is the right of every person from birth.

Who is the RHC™ Certification program for?

Everyone !! and anyone who wishes to help others, anyone who seeks wisdom about turning on self-healing through nature’s gifts, anyone who wants to expand their scope of professional practice , Lay people, moms, dads, kids, teens, 20s, college, 30s, parents, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, grandparents, pet owners, human beings, sentient beings, all living plants, animals and aliens, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and all those over 100 years old and under 20 years old, teachers, family people, gardeners, cooks, office people, outdoor workers, indoor workers, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Massage Therapist, Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, cool people, hippies, all colors and parties, healthy and not yet healthy.

What sets ICRM’s RHC™ Certification program apart from other coaching programs?

ICRM’s RHCTM program is a completely unique program, mainly because it is based on the 5-Point Model System that has had proven results in the hands of RHCs over thousands of patients.

  • 5-point model system has achieved over 85% results using Regenerative Protocols That Work!

  • Over 16 years, the 90-day program is streamlined to use the least steps and capsules for the quickest result. This is very important as people do not want their wellness program to be complicated and stressful.

  • There is a weekly organized sequence that is modified as needed.

  • The client is empowered to be in the driver’s seat.

  • Compassion and love are the basis of the program.

  • We coach you through your first 5 clients and provide backup referral.

What are the topics covered in RHC™ Certification?

  • Hormone symptoms and signs
  • Nutritional symptoms and signs and interpreting Spectracell nutritional assessment
  • Basic Detoxification (body, gut, liver), evaluating and correcting urinary pH, EMF protection,
  • Mind Balance Methods for Stress Resilience including tools and evaluation through Heart-Math.
  • Body Balance and Oxygenation Methods and Tools
  • Weight Loss including Metabolic Balance Program and Intermittent Fasting
  • Use of Protocols and Supplements for Vibrant Energy, Restorative Sleep,
    Healthy Weight, Healthy Gut, Pain-free Life and Tranquility and Joy.
  • Lessons learned in coaching methods

Regenerative Health Coach Certification

$ 1800
  • Launching Mid 2021