Optimizing Immunity to Kill Viruses and Cancer


JAN 22 – JAN 24 , 2021


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Why attend

There are a range of Instagram followers packages to choose from on our website


There are a range of Instagram followers packages to choose from on our website

Conference Objective

There are a range of Instagram followers packages to choose from on our website

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In this age of information, you are being constantly bombarded on multiple fronts by highest quality medical information. And of course, this multifront bombardment is proving difficult to effectively trim into concise, time-efficient clinical management procedures, isn’t it? Well, ICRM has perfected solutions to this dilemma. By gaining insight into the Achilles Heel common to all pathogens, even synthetic versions, by learning effective, low-risk protocols that target this Achilles Heel, and by understanding how over time infections inevitably translate into cancer, you will be able to effectively battle this pandemic of immune failure. Every one of us now is being threatened by lowered immunity, making it more and more difficult to overcome infectious epidemics and prevent cancer long before it arises in our loved ones. ICRM has jam-packed protocols, cases, and keynote speakers with a combined +100 years of specializing in restoring and regenerating patients’ immune systems, including:

  • Sangeeta Pati, MD, FACOG
  • Dr. John W. Apsley
  • Dr. Jenny Wilkins
  • Michael T. Murray, ND
  • Mitchell J. Ghen, DO, MS, PhD

From our outstanding educators, ICRM aims to put practitioners just like YOU in the driver’s seat with straightforward protocols that have helped hundreds of healthcare providers and thousands of patients regain immune function to comprehensively address infections and combat cancer.

Conference Objectives

1. Learn the casual factors(such as hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, inadequate detoxification, mind/heart/body stress) that lead to immune compromise and how to reverse it.

2. Learn casual-focused evidence-based protocols to mitigate infectious processes (both acute and chronic)

3. Understand the casual infectious role in cancer including the key switch that infections turn off to initiate the preferred cancer metabolic state;

4. Implement synergistic evidence-based adjunctive care for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatements;

5. Learn how key omnipresent CBD (endocannabinoid) membrane receptors play all-important roles in immunity and regenrative heading;

6. TO support long-term remission, learn how to regenerate the immune system by:

  • Using bio-identical hormones for the adrenal/thyroid axis.
  •  Key nutritional interventions including proven intravenous interventions that accelerate all Of the above and can induce long-lasting regenerative sequelae.
  •  Cutting-edge correction of the microbiome which modulates over 70% of our human genome and immune system.
  • Practical mind/heart-body tools to correct the Chronic Stress Response.

Attending online ICRM Conference, although highly enjoyable, can cost up to $2,500 or more. But now you can acquire the core skills with ICRM’s online conference for less than $250, in the comfort of your own home.

Finally, what this all amounts to for your practice is that you can expect to leave with specific actionable protocols that you can apply the next day.THIS IS WHAT SETS US APART!



Immune Optimization in Non-cancer patients at high risk for developing cancer in near future

KEYNOTE: Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.

Berberine - An Herbal Answer to Immune Crises, Cancer and Modern Epidemics.

Immune Optimisation in Cancer Patients in remission

KEYNOTE: Mitchell J. Ghen, DO, MS, PhD

Historical Oral, Topical, and IV Methodology for Bioactive Silver Hydrosol.

Immune Optimization in Cancer Patients undergoing conventional treatment


The role ot CBD for Cancer and Chronic Infections.

Keynote Faculty

Dr.John W.Apsley

Internationally recognized for developing protocols for metals in medicine and their immune regenerative role. Physician, Author and Researcher for over 35 years specializing.

Sangeeta Pati, MD, Facog

Internationally recognized for Bio-identical Hormone Protocols and 5-point Model System. 15 years of practicing regenerative medicine. Training functional Doctors since 2007.

Mitchell J. Ghen, DO, MS, PhD

An internationally recognized lecturer on oral and IV nutritional medicine and premier expert on stem cell transplantation.

Michael T.Murray, N.D.

One of the world's leading authorities on Natural Medicine. Published over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health.

Dalal Akoury, MD

Advanced Integrative Medicine Authority with over 42 years of experience in the medical field.

Heather Smith-Fernandez, MD

Dr. Heather’s unique medical background, coupled with her strong connections and pioneering contributions to her industry, make her one of the most sought-after regenerative medical doctors in the country.

Shelley C.Glover, MD, MPH, FACOG

Specializes in Hormone Imbalance, Alternative Therapies and Beautification. She believes in “practicing what she preaches”.

Evelyne S. Leone, DO

Certified in Regenerative, Functional and Nutritional Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Metabolic Medical Institute.

Barbara Evans

Approach to Vibrational Medicine supports the Awakening of our Inner Truth, the Raising of Consciousness and the manifestation of Vibrant Health.

Priya Maharaj, DO

Providing holistic care to her patients and has successfully incorporated osteopathic manipulation, aesthetics and integrative practices at her private solo practice.

How To View

Join From Virtually anywhere! The comfort of your home or, we recommend , in nature!

Through our virtual conference you can view directly from browser. You can ask questions, interact through chat, and answer polls.