Dear Friend and Colleague,

When I entered the field of restorative medicine in 2004, I was inundated with copious information from every conference. Much of this fantastic information was in bits and pieces, without a framework. I felt I had gone through the medical school without a residency.

Over a 2 year period of time, we assimilated this information and developed a basic 5-point framework with step-by-step protocols.  It is concise, streamlined and gets rapid results in the hands of clinicians who use it. By 2006, we had doctors asking to follow us around the clinic as we saw patients. It became clear that there was a great need for doctors entering this field to have a basic framework to build on, a stepwise approach and a first-hand clinical experience seeing patients. By 2007, we had a written protocol and opened our doors to our first formal preceptors (MD, DO and ARNP). We have trained over 100 clinicians with a personal, loving approach that makes us family. Doctors are successful at integrating the medical protocols and getting great clinical results quickly.  I have much gratitude for the opportunity.

With love and light,

Sangeeta Pati MD FACOG

Program Structure:

The program is designed to teach clinicians how to restore optimal health through SaJune’s 5-point Model of restoring 1) hormones and 2) nutrients, 3) removing toxicities and rebalancing 4) the mind (conscious and sub-conscious) and 5) the body (oxygenation). The sequence of learning is designed as follows:

  • 2 months didactic study (Protocol Manuals and Videos)
  • Pre and Post-Test Your Knowledge
  • Clinical (36 hours of Clinical Rotation with Dr. Pati and Team)
  • 1-on-1 Case study ~10 cases

The Objectives For Learning Are As Follows:

  1. Ability to describe and apply the SaJune’s Restorative Model to a New and Existing Patient to get rapid results.
  2. First-hand participation in analysis and interpretation of diagnostic tests to assess hormones, nutrients, toxicities and mind-body measurements.
  3. Creating and implementing a Plan of Action for men and women from ages 13 to 90 based on individual symptoms, history, examination and lab results. Specific areas of focus include:

    a. The full array of hormones.

    b. Nutritional assessment, diet and supplements.

    • Metabolic Balance Program.
    • Plant-Based Program.
    • Intro to Weight Loss/ Intermittent Fasting/HCG Program.

    c. Assessment and removal of toxicities (heavy metal, chronic infections).

    d. Assessment and balancing the Mind Stressors with key stress-management and resilience tools used by Fortune 500 companies.

    e. Assessing and reestablishing optimal fitness including accelerated program with BioRegenerative Oxygenation.

Clinical Preceptorship Certification

$ 4500
  • Launching April 2021