Peacock Forum
Case Continuum

“Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.”

We have relaunched the Peacock Forum Case Continuum 2020. It is on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month from 1:00-2:00 pm EST. These are ZOOM ROOM style Cases and Protocols, where everyone can participate and ask questions as they come up.

Why The Peacock Forum?

The Peacock Forum was initially launched in 2010 by a group of our practitioners while discussing the isolation experienced by them and 1000’s of pioneering practitioners like you. It became clear that HealthCare Providers practicing integrative, functional, restorative or regenerative medicine desperately needed a community to share their ideas, cases, questions and data. Over 300 practitioners joined the online Peacock Forum that year. Although they also participated in training venues including A4M, AMMG, PCCA and IFM; they relied on the Peacock Forum to facilitate practical case application through protocols and ongoing dialogue.

Benefits Of The Peacock Forum 2020

We have collected all of the Lessons Learned in the Peacock Forum from 2010 to 2015. and have now launched the NEW 2020 version to fill whatever gaps exist.

The main benefit of the Peacock Forum reported by the practitioners is that as the information is shared in the format of Cases and Protocols, it is very easy to apply immediately and get a rapid result. Other benefits reported were:

  • Practical cases with written protocols.
  • Cases are always resolved through addressing causes and they escalate in difficulty.
  • Opportunity to submit your own cases in advance.
  • Access to slides that you may use for your presentations.
  • A recording of all sessions.
  • Ongoing dialogue platform for your individual questions about cases. labs or even business ideas.
  • Richness in the diversity of experiential answers gained from attendees.
  • Access to all symposiums and recordings.
  • CME for select webinars.
  • Discounts on training including certifications for Regenerative Health Coaches.
  • Opportunity to list your practice as an affiliate practice on ICRM. 

The Peacock Forum Is Ideal For:

  • Pioneering practitioners wishing to upgrade their skill set from integrative, and functional into restorative or regenerative medicine skillsets. You will learn how to apply the vast world of information to practical cases emphasizing regenerative medical methods.
  • Those who desire a community of like-minded and like-hearted practitioners to share their ideas, cases and questions both clinical and business.
  • Those who are participating in A4M. AMMG. PCCA and IFM training and certifications and are looking for practical case applications through a simple framework, the 5-point Model System which has been used effectively by thousands of practitioners to increase their skill set in regenerative medicine. Click here to see what they have to say.
  • Those who wish to share their wisdom through teaching others.

Features We Will Be Activating In 2021 Will Be Included In This Membership Program Include:

  • Access to PDF reference data library that supports all protocols

Peacock Forum: Ongoing biweekly

$ 360
  • Spring 2021

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