Creator of the Art of Raising Frequency and Rays of Creation Healing System. Award Winning Author and Leader in Vibrational Medicine

My deep sense of Love for our Planet Earth fires a passion for finding a new way of living and being within the world…  a way, based upon Wisdom, Love and Compassion, which supports Unity, Joy, Abundance and Vibrant Health.

I was born in Liverpool, England, daughter of a Stockbroker and High School Teacher. I studied Life Sciences at Liverpool University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree (with Honors) in 1976 followed by a Master’s in Education from Cambridge University. It was during my time in Cambridge that I met Dr. Nigel Evans, a brilliant Biologist and Research Fellow at the University, now my husband of almost 40 years.

Following University, I embarked on an exciting life phase, juggling the demands of a successful teaching career and raising three gifted children.

A series of events during the ten years between 1989 and 1999 would prove to be life changing. My mother survived emergency cancer surgery which she was not expected to get through; my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and shy after passed from this world; while still recovering from the trauma of my father’s passing, we relocated to the US, where my husband was asked to lead a large research team for a major pharmaceutical company in Groton CT.

These profound events preceded incredible transformational change.
The way my father passed from this world left me totally depleted and
had shaken my belief, as a biologist, that traditional medicine has all
the answers. Through a series of synchronicities, I found a wonderful
Shiatsu Practitioner who also introduced me to Bach Flower Essences,
Essential Oils and Crystals. I genuinely believe she saved my life.

My move to the US turned out to be an incredible gift, as it provided the
freedom to truly explore my newfound love of Alternative, Complimentary, Holistic approaches to health and wellbeing.

I trained as a Shiatsu Practitioner, and simultaneously started Reiki training. I am now a Reiki Master in Usui and Karuna Reiki, a Crystal Resonance Therapist and Ordained Minister. I transformed into an intuitive healer.

The final leap of this ten-year period occurred after my mother suddenly passed away following a heart attack. I found myself on another deep healing journey. This journey led me to discover Sacred Geometry and High Vibrational Healing Art. I was mesmerized from the first time I saw the Flower of Life in gold embossed ink on a book cover. Suddenly I began to draw and paint. From the very first painting I could feel the Universal Energies guiding me and flowing through me into the painting. I knew the paintings were not just for myself, but rather for Humanity to help raise frequency and consciousness, and to be a significant contribution for healing and harmony.

The following two decades have been intense, exciting and rewarding as I continue to follow my Heart. My High Vibrational Art has evolved significantly, its creativity and energetic properties fueled in part by unique insights associated with two near death experiences from severe infections that were described to me as “Choice Points”… was I going to stay upon the earth and fulfill my life purpose, or would I choose to leave.

I have now created three series of high vibrational paintings, and collectively they form the basis of a new and unique energy healing modality, The Art of Raising Frequency. The approach interweaves Color, Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Sound together with the Language of Light and Activation Codes, to form a highly advanced, powerful technology that can reset and upgrade our energetic systems at the multidimensional quantum level. This new approach to Vibrational Medicine supports the Awakening of our Inner Truth, the Raising of Consciousness and the manifestation of Vibrant Health.

The Art of Raising Frequency has been showcased around the globe, including the United Nations, and is utilized on a daily basis in healing centers throughout the world, including Sajune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine where it plays a foundational role in setting the vibrations for healing. I have taught classes and made keynote presentations throughout the US and in Asia focusing on Vibrational Healing and the Energy Healing Tools that have been birthed from my art.

This new and unique approach to Health and Wellbeing is easy, graceful, and profound, working at molecular and multidimensional levels through the subtle energy bodies. Integrating these systems into a Healthcare Practice brings tremendous benefits to both Practitioners and Patients.

I genuinely believe that everything we need is within us, though much of our potential is “sleeping”. The energy tools I have been honored to create help to awaken our potential, help us to remember our WHOLENESS, and with this remembrance our innate healing abilities are also awakened so that we can truly heal from within.

I am now on a mission to bring this profound work and its potential to the World. A mission to see Art of Raising Frequency and Rays of Creation supporting Holistic, Integrative Health Practitioners and their Patients on their journey to vibrant health.